Center of the Plate

We take pride in offering you the finest Center of the Plate products available. Our extensive selection will service all customers from the finest steakhouse to the casual family diner.

With the addition of our USDA Meat Production Facility, Mims Meat Company, we are able to cut to your specifications. A valuable service we provide is producing, in batch quantities, your products with your own proprietary seasonings and marinade. This will not only reduce labor, it will also increase your yields and provide a more consistent product for your customers to enjoy each time they dine with you. Talk with your Glazier Foods Sales Representative to schedule an appointment with our Center of the Plate Product and Profitability Specialist!


A full selection of boxed and portion cut items. Some of our products available include; Ribeyes, Strips, Tenderloins, Sirloin, Brisket, Skirts, Ground Beef, Stew Meat, Marinated Fajitas, Corned Beef, cube steaks, other Further Processed Items and much more!


A full selection of fresh CVP and frozen poultry products, including Portioned and Random Breast, 8 pc cut, Whole WOGs, Thigh Meat, Further Processed Items and much more!


A full selection of boxed and portion cut items, including Pork Tenderloin/Loins, Ribs, Chops, Crown Roast, Bacon and more!


We offer a wide selection of All Natural Veal Products.


Our chemical free, grass-fed lamb is quick frozen and available in a variety of succulent cuts.


Portion Cut Filets/Steaks, Shrimp, Crab Meat, Snow Crab, Squid Rings and Tentacles, other Further Processed Items and more!